Why are diamonds a profitable investment?

World reserves of diamonds are gradually depleted. Presumably, their quantity will be close to zero by 2040. At the same time, the demand for diamonds grows ever more every year. By 2033, the demand for precious stones will have increased by 2 times and will amount to 6 pct per year. During this period, the production will only increase by 2.8 pct.
An international means of payment

Diamonds are an internationally accepted means of payment. Conversion of a diamond to its monetary equivalent can be made anywhere in the world and at any time. Jewels pass expert evaluation in accordance with international standards.

Demand for diamonds always exceeds their supply

According to analytical forecasts, the demand for diamonds increases. The diamond industry cannot currently provide for diamond mining in the required quantity. No large diamond deposits have been found lately, which gives us confidence in the long-term investment.

Investing into diamonds spells confidence in the future

The cost of diamonds will never be less than the purchase price. The price of diamonds at the international market does not depend on currency fluctuations nor on adoption of any laws and regulations. World events may only affect the price of diamonds to a small extent.

A loyal system of taxation

Diamonds fall into the category of the simplified system of taxation due to their rarity and complex production systems. Diamond sale and purchase transactions up to € 5,000 are exempt from tax, wherever they may be implemented. Moreover, the value added tax does not apply to diamonds because of their storage in a so-called free zone.


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Clients about us

In the reality of today's market is very relevant question: in what to invest? Gems - this is something that will always be true. Confidence in the company's confidence in my investment - this is my guarantee of success!

Eugene MironenkovThis I have not seen in our country

For diamonds importantly - a certificate of conformity. I am a long time in this business, that would understand the importance and urgency of certain decisions. Cartel diamond - a reliable partner for investment.

Gregory BatalinDesigner

On the Internet you can find a lot of gems dealers, but to find a reliable seller is not always easy. I opted for the Cartel diamond and could earn from selling the stones have a rather impressive amount. Definitely - this is the best option of investment.

Victoria Aksenova

This is what I was looking for! What could be better for a woman than to develop gemstone business. By investing in this business, I turn the capital into confidence.

Anna Granovskayastudio co-founder

For his many years of experience, I learned all the intricacies of this business in the gemstone market. I can not do anything to surprise. Rave reviews from me you will not hear. Just Cartel diamond - is a reliable and promising partner. It's enough.

Mikhail IstominSurgeon

I knew nothing about the trade in precious stones. Relatively recently begun to be interested in what sphere the most important to invest. And as an option and decided to consider this type of investment among others. Everything is accessible and understandable. Explore the many gems, the factors that influence their price and now getting a great profit.

Elena BeloretskayaDirector of restaurant

At first, it was hard to understand in this area. But the big plus in choosing the directions of investment played certificates from Cartel diamond has all certificates of this type of trade, and therefore confidence in the fact that my investment is in good hands there is no doubt.

Dmitry RukavishnikovMSU student

Excellent earnings at 100% confidence in the safety of funds! Yes, and with creativity you can really enjoy the process of working on the gemstone market.

Zagid KruglovBusinessman

It is definitely a novelty for our market. But in the US and Europe - is already a proven type of business. Before the partnership with Cartel diamond I had to cooperate with Western firms, which in turn does not always inspire confidence. Now I seriously and permanently became a partner Cartel diamond. And precious stones - is that never depreciate!

Alexander Volodyevsky

For me, the priority has always been my family. I want that to my children and grandchildren have confidence in the future. Investing in precious stones - is a huge step in confidence. And besides the fact that my investment is protected and will bring profit in the future, at the moment, with a serious approach can easily raise capital

Elizabeth Skorupko