Clear Brilliants was founded in 2003 with an aim to facilitate access to the market for precious stones. At the beginning of its activity, the company provided services to enter the market for precious stones. The algorithm of the work of the company did not provide for an interactive access of a buyer to the selection of parameters of purity and weight of the diamond. A potential buyer turned to company experts for advice, and they in turn selected the appropriate diamond based on the client’s wishes.

The company had been expanding the scope of its activities until all the types of diamonds became available to its clients in 2007. Any client could contact the company and specify the exact parameters of purity, weight, size, and color of a diamond and received the diamond with the exact above characteristics specified by the client.

In 2009, the company gradually introduced a service of trading in precious stones among its clients into its work. This has brought about a possibility to buy and to sell diamonds among investors in the company. This has significantly increased the activity of the market, which has in turn led to an increase in the profits of the company’s clients.

In 2016, Clear Brilliants developed an exclusive interactive platform, which became available online, and changed its name to Cartel Diamond. The platform has opened up entirely new possibilities in the market for precious stones. At the moment, market participants can use unlimited opportunities for transactions.

The selection of the range of parameters of diamonds is available online 24/7. Previously, making a transaction required the buyer to check the availability of a diamond with the desired characteristics by contacting a company expert by phone. Now, buyers simply need to go to the interactive platform, specify the required parameters of the precious stone, and to make the deal.

Since its inception, Cartel Diamond has secured a leadership position in the market for precious stones. Diamonds are fully certified not only according the standards of the Gemological Institute of America (the GIA) but also according to standards of other, equally authoritative, institutes and laboratories.

Employees of Cartel Diamond undergo regular trainings and seminars on all the topics related to activities in the market for precious stones. One of the most discussed topics is the improvement of working conditions at diamond deposits, the preparation and the submission of applications to institutes and laboratories in order to improve the quality of certification, the update of investment areas, as well as the safety of storage and delivery of diamonds.

Our team of experts address any client’s request thoroughly: after all, the most important thing for them – as well as for the company – is make sure that our clients are content with our work and confident in their investment.

Our security and delivery systems are validated by competent specialists every 12 hours, as stipulated in the laws of the UK. Once a month, all the systems are subjected to a mandatory state inspection. The security of Special Diamond Storage systems is one of the priorities of our company. An increasing number of clients want to leave the acquired diamond is the Special Storage Facility of Cartel Diamond.

The diamond market is growing rapidly! Every day, more investors choose this line of business. These factors compel Cartel Diamond to introduce more new technologies for the development of its activities. One of these innovations is the interactive platform, which opens the doors to the world of confidence and beauty before you. There can be nothing better than investing into beauty with a high confidence in earnings!