We are the team that will significantly increase sales of the online store.

Increase sales
Know It First

Who Will We Help?

We want to help those companies that need to establish sales over the Internet and make online sales the basis or an essential part of the business, and not abandon them in a year.

You already have an online store. The pressure of competitors is growing, the profitability of the business is falling.

Need growth 3 times. Standard solutions are accessible to everyone and they do not work. We need a non-standard effective solution.

There are no people who can make a breakthrough. Limited resources: money, time, people. It is important to choose priorities, there will not be enough resources for everything.

You need a team, that understands the goals and problems of the business and solves problems better than others.

How can we help?

We develop B2B portals

Let’s make a large portal from scratch, automate wholesale sales on the Internet.

We develop sites and CRM systems

We will offer a list of changes to the existing site to increase conversion and development.

We develop online stores

We design and implement an easy-to-manage online store based on 1C-Bitrix platform

Introducing end-to-end analytics

We launch advertising and help optimize the advertising budget by 2-3 times.

We do not take money from clients for stories of commonplace things about their problems. They already know that they have difficulties in internal processes, marketing and sales. They have dozens of tasks requiring attention, and time is running out.

Instead, we offer solutions, and we are ready to implement them ourselves and answer for the result.

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Our Work Results

Retail online store of goods for construction and repairIncreased the number of sales from the site 10 times

“Case: Designed and developed an online store.
We have been cooperating since 2015.”

Wholesale online store of jewelry made of natural stonesRaised the conversion in the order from 0.5% to 1.2% + 40% the number of repeated sales

“Developed an online store, manage advertising. We achieve excellent KPIs with a small advertising budget.
We cooperate for 5 years and 3 months”

Production, supply and maintenance of conveyor beltsWe optimized the advertising budget by 50%, while maintaining the number of applications

“Designed and developed a product landing page. Developed a new B2B portal.
We have been cooperating for 11 months”

Shopping center "Tyumen TSUM"The share of views from mobile devices increased from 46% to 53% -21% of mobile traffic failures

“Case: Designed and developed the corporate website of the shopping center. Case: Designed and developed the corporate website of the shopping center. Website version for info kiosk”

Car Audio Online StoreRaised the conversion in the order from 0.4% to 1.15% + 37% of revenue from the email channel

“Designed and developed an online store.
Collaborated 12 months”

Производитель молочной продукции200 purchases per month Reduced the cost of customer acquisition by 30%

“Case: Promo site and online advertisement for a delivery site.
Collaborated 2 years”

Online store of back numbers and equipment+ 200% of the number of orders at night. Print application processing speed: 1 day → 15 minutes

“"We developed an online store for sambo. An online store for judo. A designer for transferring back numbers to print
We cooperate for 2 years and 10 months "”

Using Effective Solutions

For 5 years, we have gained experience from proven solutions – those pieces that increase sales over the Internet. This allows us to quickly launch retail sales for various products and automate wholesale sales on the Internet.

Our Tariffs

Economy Solution

A new generation online store. Adapts to any topic. This option is ideal for increasing sales at a low cost.

Template design

Integration with 1C

Reporting to Orders

Delivery services

The price is UAH.

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Turnkey solution

A new generation online store. Adapts to any topic. This option is ideal for increasing sales at a low cost.

Template design

Integration with 1C

Payment systems

Filling and starting

Delivery services

SEO optimization

Reporting to Orders

Reporting to Orders

The price includes:
universal turnkey solution
from 11 401 UAH
License 1C-Bitrix: Small

business» 12 545 UAH
hosting for 1C-Bitrix for one

year 4 530 UAH

from 35 000 UAH

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Individual design and basic functionality

We create “from scratch” – from design to first sales – a completely unique online store. The new online store will retain all the advantages of the previous site and become a growth point after launch.

Target and demand analysis

Individual design

Integration with 1C and CRM

Content Update

Email Newsletters

Bonus system

Semantic Core SEO

Reporting Before Sales

Development team

Advertising campaign

The price includes:
license “1C-Bitrix: Small Business” 12 545 UAH.
hosting for 1C-Bitrix for one year
4 530 UAH.

from 95 000 UAH.

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Fully Custom Design

Need a multiple increase in retail sales or automation of wholesale sales. We will carry out a thorough design, think over the architecture of the project, prepare it for high loads. Non-standard functionality and complex integrations are tasks for this particular option.

Strategy Development

Analysis: Product, RFM, ABC

Business Processes and Automation

SEO strategy

Event Marketing Design

Updating all data + copywriting

Cross-cutting reporting from money to money

CRM Marketing

The price includes:
1C-Bitrix: Business License
27 000 UAH
VPS hosting for one year
5 902 UAH.

from 150 000 UAH.

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Seo-Optimization From 20 UAH

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What will happen after you leave a request

Clarification of the Goals and Objectives of the Project

We will discuss the key parameters of the project: its vision, goals, timelines and budget boundaries, we will talk about a flexible approach to project implementation, recommend sections and functions that will lead to the achievement of goals

Aggregation of Requirements

We collect and analyze all the data on the project. Chips and disadvantages of competitor sites. The target audience and its pains that the project can solve. Based on these data, the project structure is formed – in the future, it will form the basis of the prototype and design.

Design & Creative

We fill in the visual brief: we are looking for the mood of the project, the right colors, suitable fonts. We will offer you a graphic concept of the site, create a design on its basis and present it to you via skype. And our designer will participate in the presentation and tell all the nuances.

Development And Integration

We use 1C-Bitrix. Due to the large number of ready-made functionality, the speed of creating even the most complex online store is reduced by about 5 times. We “fasten” the necessary services and accounting systems to your project

Project development

We remain close even when the project is already running: in the first three months, you can always ask questions to the manager and turn to our technical support, which will help to understand the intricacies of the settings. We conduct A / B tests and make changes based on analytics, continuously improving the site.


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